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Please try to book each appointment close together so that there are not time gaps in my schedule. Please note that the system will automatically leave 15 minutes between patients.

Please note to check the year of month you are trying to book. Scrolling the far left or right buttons will take you to 2018 etc.. so if my schedule says I am not open check the date you are on.

I work out of two rooms. Only one room is available for online booking. If you can not find a time available for the days you are looking for please contact me to see if I have availability in the other room or if you would like to be added to the cancellation list.

Contact- 587-297-7043 ( call or text) , email- 

 I may be able to get you in sooner then what is available online.

please double check your emails to ensure your booking has gone through. If you do not receive a confirmation email the booking has not went through 





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