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Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying

Client Testimonials

Here are a few samples of what our clients are saying about To The Point Acupuncture.

"I started seeing Kari to help prepare for a second round of fertility treatments. Within the first month of regular acupuncture treatments, my cycle became less painful and much more normal. She helped with keeping me relaxed and keeping less stressed. She helped work the massive knots out of my shoulders and neck. Kari, from first meeting to my most recent appointment, has been professional, sweet, caring and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone." - Harmony

" For the last year I have suffered from extreme knee pain in my right knee. After any workout with high impact moves (box jumps, skipping) or heavy squats if felt like someone was smashing my knee with a hammer. Keeping up with my mobility and stretching would help, but only for a limited time. After only 3 sessions with Kari, my knee feels better then it has in year! I believe a few more sessions I will be back to 100%. I firmly believe everyone should go see her, whether its a sports related injury, or just the pressure and strain of life, she will help." - Kevin

"I feel so much better today! I can almost bend my neck to my shoulders!!!! Thank you!" - Billie

"Thank you Kari. Me and my back feel wonderful after yesterday's session. Congrats again on your new business. I'm sure the rest of your clients will love your new location as much as I do." - Britney

" I had twitching and leg spasms at night; numbness in my balls and toes of my feet; loss of leg strength; climbing stairs a challege; ibuprofen had become a daily companion; but 10 sessions of acupuncture have given my 65 year old legs a new lease on life. Kari is well- schooled, knowledgable, and experienced in this ancient art of treatment. She is an excellent "listener", well worth consulting if you are experiencing physical symptoms of any kind" - Randy

"She is amazing and cares about her patients! Strongly recommend!" - Diane 

"Kari is gentle, sweet, genuine and a professional. I would not even attempt to see anyone else here in town. This girls knows her stuff and has all the extra "gadgets" to treat that pain to bring relief".- Vanessa 

"Kari is extremely friendly, caring and knowledgable. She provided additional support during my fertility treatments highly recommend"  - Tatum 

"I absolutely recommend To The Point Acupuncture! I went and had fertility acupuncture when my partner and I were trying to conceive and not only ended up pregnant the first month I used Kari’s services, but also found out that it’s twins! I will be seeing Kari throughout my pregnancy, also. It’s always a wonderfully relaxing experience during my appointments."- Brittney 

"Much enjoyed my consult and first session Kari is super friendly and very empathetic about your individual situation on why you are in need of her profession. Can't wait till my next session." - Colby

"I found such great results with Kari. She helped me work through injuries and helped me get full function again. I can’t praise her enough. She is immensely talented at what she does and I would recommend her to everyone I know." -Evonne

" Thank you again for the treatment, it got me through all my shifts feeling great"- Kirby

"She is more then wonderful! She explains everything she's doing and why! The environment is calming and peaceful! She can help in so many ways. its incredible. I don't ever want to stop going to see her!"- Tina